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A Gift that Made Mom Cry?

Extended Family Portrait

For the longest time, Liz’s mom was begging her family to get together for a portrait session to no avail. Two years ago, Liz and her family of four came into the studio for a session but this time, she got everyone together. Liz said her mom was so happy on that day and still talks about it with fondness.

Why the tears? Seeing the images from the session come to life in front of her eyes reminded her of how precious her family is to her. She is so proud of her two kids and her two smart, bright, handsome grandchildren, who, by the way, were soooo much fun on the day.

When a family gets together like this, it is a time to reconnect, bond and create shared memories that will live on. When Liz picked up her beautifully mounted prints she told us she was going home right away to put them on the wall.

Hopefully, her mom won’t cry every time she visits!

Extended Family Portrait by Art and Soul
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