By the Water

Cambridge Engagement Session with a difference I Stephanie & Marc

Like many of our brides, we first met Stephanie when she was maid of honour at her sister Michele’s wedding. Stephanie and her sister are outstanding dancers. In 2011, the two girls opened what has turned out to be Cambridge’s most progressive dance studio, Element Dance Arts. Prior to the studio launch we were delighted to host an exciting photoshoot in our Cambridge photography studio where we created the promotional shots. Once again we crossed paths with Stephanie.

We have kept up with this crazy crowd on social media ever since and there is never a dull moment.

Fast forward to 2013 and we were delighted to hear that Stephanie’s BF Marc had asked her to marry him.  Marc is such a great guy, you can tell right off these two are an amazing fit.

Marc’s passion is bowling, a love that he has passed on to Steph. So what better place to find the two of them at play for a fun engagement shoot than at Dickson Bowl in Galt, Cambridge.  Just to mix things up a bit, we planned to finish up in Downtown Galt.

Turns out that the day of the shoot was probably THE hottest day of the year and really humid too, so we were soooo glad of the air conditioning inside. But we agreed to reschedule the outside shots.

With busy schedules all round, part 2 of the session was a few weeks later but worth the wait. This time we met up at one of their (and our!) favourite haunts in downtown Galt – Café 13  where we shot some great relaxed bar shots and fun interiors before we braved the worst winds ever (what was it about the weather this year?!) by the river.

Now its countdown time till July 2014 when these two say their I-dos at Nith Ridge Estate in Ayr, Ontario.

Its going to be an amazing day and we can’t wait to capture it for you guys, congrats!


Cambridge Engagement Portrait