Investing in your family legacy – Portrait Pricing

The Low Down on Our Portrait Pricing

Perfection Takes Time

We get asked all the time why our images look so different.

The answer is simple. It’s all about skill and preparation. Each client gets well over 8 hours of our time. Of course you don’t spend all that time with us but the time invested by us makes for something really special. There’s three stages to great portrait photography. Here’s how it works.

The First Stage is the Consultation

It’s important that you get the artwork you want, rather than have the artist choose a style for you. What you wear on the day should compliment that style. So we meet up to give you the info you need to make informed choices. We talk about who you want photographed, where it will all take place and what time is best for you. We also talk about what media are available to present your favourite images and what you can expect it all to cost.

The Next Stage is the Shoot

Jackie L came in recently to choose her prints. The first thing she said was “We had a great time on Saturday Gordon”. Actually we did too Jackie! Because we have everything planned at the consultation, everyone knows what’s happening on the day. Whether you are in our beautiful studio, in your home or on location, we are comfortable with one another and we always have fun. This shows throughout our work and it’s so important. We leave aside up to 90 mins for each shoot depending on the number of people and combinations, but we charge the same modest fee regardless.

The Last Stage is the Viewing

The images captured on the day are only the raw materials. Before you see the results of your shoot, we usually spend hours “polishing” the prints to show you what can be done artistically. We will produce a lovely multimedia presentation for you to view your artwork too. Since you have already indicated your requirements, there is no pressure here so relax. You choose the images for finishing at this stage. You can see them on the big screen where you compare and eliminate til you reach your decision.

Finally we hand-retouch all your images as part of the service. You can have digital copies of your chosen images for social networking etc and all the finished artwork is available within a few weeks.

Your Investment

As all our work is very individual and customised for each client, there is no ‘typical’ shoot or spend and our portrait pricing reflects this.

When you commission a portrait with Art and Soul you pay $295.  This includes the session fee and a selection of art prints of your choice.

We will gladly discuss all the options available and at a complimentary consultation. Feel free to call us on 519 886 1313 to arrange for your session today.