Just Good Friends


You Only Deal With Us

We deal with all our couples from beginning to end. It’s personal.  We don’t hire anyone to do this job for us so its one or both of us, before, during and after the wedding. The buck stops here, no excuses. We are there on the wedding day from preparations right through til the beginning of the meal and even later if you wish.

We’ve been doing this (full time!) for (ahem…) a long time

You don’t want your day to be a practice session – there’s no second chance for these moments. Our years of experience, training and qualifications together with literally hundreds of weddings under our belts ensures you can relax and simply enjoy your day.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s great to know you are in good hands but practice makes perfect. Think of it as your photo rehearsal. Nothing gets you more relaxed about the wedding day photos than an engagement shoot. What’s more, it’s a complimentary part of the service. We’re a partnership so the more we get to know each other the better it gets. We’ll meet you at your choice of venue to grab some fabulous fun photos.

Your Own Personal Website

Well, they say everyone is famous for at least one day. If this is yours you’ve got to make the most of it.  All your photographs are put on your own personal password protected website. Your friends can pop in and have a look at you at your very best or even themselves if they were there on the day.

I Can’t Wait To See The Photos

No Problem, within 5 days of your wedding we put a sneak preview on Facebook. You can check out just how good you looked and relive your memories from your honeymoon hotel bedroom anywhere around the globe. This should keep you going ’til the big show when you come back.

Magazine Model Retouching

You go 2 years without a spot then guess what happens on your wedding day? Perhaps there is something distracting in that once in a lifetime candid or you spill beer on your tux.  Don’t worry, you won’t be reminded for the next 40 years. Every album print is hand retouched and balanced to perfection. So if disaster strikes, or things simply need improving, we’ve got it covered.

Professional Albums – the real deal

If you choose an album package, our selection of stunning hand designed albums will make your mouth water. Everything about them say quality and style. We spend days balancing, retouching and designing your masterpiece. You choose the cover, page weight, texture and colour. Page by page it tells the story of your day and will be a real conversation piece for your new home.

We’re Fun People!

Think about it.  Apart from your bridal party and close family, the person or people you’ll spend most time with on your wedding day is us, your wedding photographers!  Our own wedding was a few years ago (2010) in Scotland and we remember it like it was yesterday!  It’s important that we gel and get on – by the end of the wedding day, we hope it will feel like you are saying goodbye to good friends.

Feel free to call us on 519 886 1313 to arrange a chat and tell us your story.