Wedding Photography – Hall of Fame

It’s only when the dust has settled and your big day is over that you realise how important the photographs are”.

This is straight from a letter from one of last years couples and we couldn’t say it better ourselves!

We weren’t long in this line of work before we got that message. Building a personal relationships with all your wedding professionals is so important to the smooth running of your day. We truly care that our brides get 110% on the day and work so hard to earn that trust. When your wedding day comes, we’re going along to work amongst friends. These are not just words, we know our couples feel that way too.

We’re there to capture all the fun, excitement and romance that makes this day so special. What a fabulous job we have. But ultimately, knowing that so many of our couples come to us from other happy couples, tells us that we are doing it right!

Well, we don’t like to shout from the rooftops or anything, but at this point we take a modest bow. We’ve worked with professional associations for years so just sometimes we get recognised for what we do by others in the industry. We don’t want to spend too long shouting about this, but here are a few of the awards we’ve been proud to lay claim to : Wedding photographer of the Year (5 times!), Fuji Wedding Photographer of The Year, Kodak’s Award of Excellence, (twice), Nikon Award of Excellence and Best Bridal Image Ontario amongst others.  They even stuck a couple of our prints in the Canadian national loan collection!

Finally, you sometimes get to rub shoulders with famous people in our job – from presidents to royalty, we’ve done it all.  Our work has taken us to work with the Royal Family of Dubai and wedding couples in South Africa, Spain and Mexico as well as our home countries of Scotland and Ireland too many times to mention.

We’ve even met and photographed Bill Clinton. What a great gig that was. He was a nice guy too. Wonder if he remembers us…..

Remind us when we meet and we will tell you about it.